Didi Museum

Once established, national museums in Nigeria became the sole responsibility of government. Museums therefore became synonymous with government patronage. Other attempts that were made at establishing museums had also been at different government levels. The collective input and impact of these non-national museums have remained only marginal. In most cases, they have had little or no recognition even within their own geographical locations.

Until 1983, there were few indigenous efforts at patronage for the visual arts, but there were no coordinated attempts to re-educate the audience and focus their interest not just on the heritage art but also on the contemporary.

On 11 May 1893, DIDI Museum was officially inaugurated within the private house of the founder, Dr Newton Jibunoh




It was founded in memory of Edith Jibunoh (DIDI), late sister of the founder who died at an early age. The institution was inaugurated by His Royal Highness, Alhaji Ado Bayero, the Emir of Kano who is also the Charman of the Board of Trustees.

The inaugural exhibition featured two painters, Kenny Adamson and Adam Ajunam and they exhibited over 75 works in the five-day exhibition. The number of visitors was about 1200. In the words of the then Director-General of the National Commission of Museums and Monuments, Dr Ekpo Eyo, “it was an excellent first attempt of this kind of venture by a private citizen”.


Objectives of DIDI Museum


Its primary objectives at inception included:

  • To serve as a forum for the research and preservation of arts and culture and the exhibition of contemporary Nigerian Arts
  • To discover and contribute to the arts
  • To serve the young artists not only for the exhibition of art works but also to provide a forum for the maintenance research and preservation of art.

Over the years, the overall mission of DIDI Museum has evolved and now includes in addition to the above

  • To create the market for local collectors that would sustain the art market in the long run
  • To promote an environment where students can be tutored in appreciating their heritage
  • To promote our cultural heritage with the provision of programs and events
  • To contribute to the appreciation of poetry and literary




DIDI Museum offers the following services:

  • Book-reading
  • Poetry & Jazz night
  • Rental of our multi-purpose hall and boardroom for your special events, conferences, dine-ins, and trainings.